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Metro Chiropractic Clinic

"We've Got Your Back"

Dearborn (313)582-5433

You have just had your first Chiropractic adjustment. Now what?

Ideally when you leave our office, go home, rest and relax. This means no bending, lifting or twisting. If you can’t go straight home, don’t do anything you don’t have to do, and be careful.

After your initial treatment you may experience one of three reactions

  1. You may feel sore and uncomfortable
  2. You may feel better, or
  3. You may feel no change at all in your symptoms.

Any of these are normal reactions, but if you get sore don’t be shocked. About 40% - 50% of all new patients get sore after their first adjustment. The soreness is from stretching the inflamed muscle, ligament and nerve tissue. If any soreness is experienced, I will recommend a home therapy of moist heat or ice treatment.

On your next visit we will review your x-ray and explain our findings. We recommend bringing your spouse to this visit, so they are aware of your condition, and hear first hand, our recommended course of treatment. Together, our goal will be to reduce your symptoms and correct and stabilize your condition. We will also give recommendations for home therapy assistance, and offer a wellness care plan for your future.

Your first phase of care will be the

Initial Intensive Care Phase.

In this phase your body is out of balance and not holding its adjustment. It is very important that you keep your appointments and modify your lifestyle in ways that will help get you out of the intensive care phase quickly.

Adjustments in this phase of chiropractic care, may be more frequent than in the other two phases.